壓縮機: 全封閉旋轉式壓縮機,高效、低噪音、更少的洩漏點及維護(對比半封閉或活塞壓縮機)功率從4to13HP更少運動部件标配減振支座耐液擊等優點。

Product features:

Compressor: Enclosed scroll rotary compressor with high efficiency, low noise, less leakage, and maintenance (compared with semi enclosed or piston compressor) has the advantages such as the power from 4 to 13HP, fewer moving parts with damping, and liquid resistance device.

  蒸發器: 增大了蒸發器面積,使焓差值提高到0.95,提高了熱交換效率。蒸發器的表面經過特殊的不粘水塗層表面處理技術減少了冷凝水在其表面的停留時間,滿足國際ASTMD572799标準解決冷凝水滴入風道的問題使得熱交換更高效,提高換熱效率整機能效比高達1:4

Evaporator: The evaporator area is increased and the enthalpy difference is increased to 0.95 to improve the efficiency of heat exchange. The surface of the evaporator through non stick water coating surface treatment technology is decreased the condensed water on the surface of the residence time, and meets the international standard of ASTMD572799 to solve the problem that the condensed water into air heat exchange more efficient. The efficiency ratio of heat transfer is up to 1:4.

  風機: 全球獨創徑向離心直驅風機,借鑒噴氣式飛機的發動機原理,風機的葉輪采用新型渦流式,雙葉片反向轉動,吸氣和排氣同時運行,提高了送風效率。由于這種風機采用含油軸承并經過動、靜平衡的校正,噪音大大降低。風機的電機采用20級調速控制,送風壓力可從50PA450PA,用戶可根據機房送風距離調整相應的壓力。最遠送風距離可達150米,風機設在空調中部,空調下部作為消噪音的靜壓箱,以避免風機設在底部直接吹向地面引起的空氣擾動,風壓在現場連續可調,範圍從20Pa230Pa,滿足各種送風環境;與皮帶式風機相比:更高效-可忽略的傳輸損耗;低噪音-更小的震動;更少的維護-不必周期性更換皮帶及必要的皮帶調整;更潔淨的機房-皮帶磨下的粉塵(對機器及人員極有害)會随着送風帶入機房空間。

Fan: The world's original radial direct fan is based on the principle of the jet engine. The impeller fan is used the new type of eddy current, reverse rotating blades, suction and exhaust running at the same time to improve the efficiency of the air supply. Because of the use of oil-bearing fan and dynamic and static balance correction, the noise greatly reduced. For the 20-level speed control fan, the air pressure can be from 50PA to 450PA. The user can adjust the corresponding pressure according to the distance of air supply in the room. The farthest distance of air supply is up to 150 meters. The fan is located in the central of air conditioning. The lower part of air conditioning is used as the plenum noise in order to avoid the bottom blowing directly to the ground caused by air turbulence. The air pressure is adjustable in the field with ranging from 20Pa to 230Pa to meet a variety of environment. To compare with belt type fan, the transmission is more efficiently – loss negligible, low noise and less vibration, less maintenance - not necessarily periodic replacement of the belt and the necessary belt adjustment. The belt grinding dust will flow (extremely harmful to the machine and personnel) into the room.

  加熱器: 電加熱器具有完善過熱保護功能和防電離作用,有多種加熱方式(水加熱或電加熱等)對于高寒地區小熱負荷的基站機房,可以滿足環境的要求。

Heater: The electric heater has the perfect overheating protection function and anti ionization, and there are various heating methods (water heating or electric heating) for the base station of small heat load in high cold area that can meet the requirements of the environment.

  加濕器: 是可反複拆卸清洗的電極式加濕器。加濕器運行采用高級微處理器模糊智能控制加濕,自動調整加濕器水位、檢測加濕電流大小、根據水質不同控制加濕時的水垢沖洗速率;所選用電極式加濕器的電極應可以在場地進行清理及更換。加濕器可以重複利用及長期使用。空調内加濕罐是綠色環保可洚解的,加濕量9kg/h(也可以根據用戶的需求增加加濕量);自動清洗排污能力,檢修拆卸方便。電極加濕的優點:高效……高于90%;濕度控制精确……響應時間快;适應一般水質。對比紅外加濕:紅外加濕效率低-60%;響應慢;更換部件費用昂貴;對水質有一定要求。對比超聲波加濕:超聲波加濕産生的是氣霧對設備有害、且容易造成細菌滋生。

Humidifier: The electrode type humidifier is the repeated disassembly and cleaning. The humidifier adopts advanced fuzzy intelligent control with automatic adjustment of water level and detection of current according to the different scale of humidifying and the flushing rate. The electrode type humidifier should be cleaned and replaced in the field. Humidifier can be repeated use and long term use. The humidifying pot with the green material can be dissolved. The humidifying capacity is 9kg/h (can also be adjustable according to the needs of users). It includes the automatic cleaning sewage capacity and the maintenance convenient disassembly. The advantage of electrode type humidifier is high efficiency which is over than 90% and high humidity control precision that has fast response time to adapt to the general water quality. Comparison of infrared humidifier, the infrared humidifying efficiency is lower than 60% and has slow response time. The replacement parts of infrared humidifier are very expensive and there are certain requirements on water quality. Comparison of ultrasonic humidification, the ultrasonic humidification is generated aerosol on equipment and easy to cause harmful bacteria.

  除濕器: 具備快速除濕功能,配有專門的除濕電磁閥結構,減少熱補償需求,降低空調除濕過程耗電量。

Dehumidification: It has quick dehumidification including dehumidification solenoid valve with special structure to reduce the thermal compensation and the power consumption of air-conditioning dehumidification process.

  濕度控制器: 采用先進節能的絕對濕度控制方式,根據絕對濕度來調節,不會因機房溫度波動使相對濕度變化,造成不必要的加濕、除濕誤操作,增大功耗。

Humidity controller: It adopts the absolute humidity of advanced energy saving control mode. According to the absolute humidity to adjust relieves the room temperature fluctuations in the relative humidity change which causes the unnecessary missed operation increasing the power consumption.

  過濾器: 10000/升。高效的灰塵粒子濃度過濾網達到國際G4标準,能保證機房的潔淨度達到A級機房的要求(直徑大于0.5)

Filter: 10000 grains / L. The efficient concentration of dust particle filter is reached to the international G4 standard, and can guarantee the room clean degree reach A class room requirements (diameter greater than 0.5).


  冷凝器: 冷凝器外殼由抗腐蝕合金制成,保證了使用壽命和美觀,采用外置轉子式軸流風機精心設計,噪音滿足環保要求。風機調速器控制不同環境溫度的保速,保證良好運行效果和節能。

Condenser: The condenser casing is used the corrosion resistant alloy to ensure the service life and appearance. With external rotor type axial flow fan is designed to meet the requirements of environmental protection and noise reduction. Fan speed is controlled according to different environmental temperature to ensure good operation effect and energy saving.


Control system adopts advanced microprocessor to provide more accurate operation precision. The temperature control precision is ± 0.2 , as well as humidity control precision is ± 5%. Using HIROMATIC intelligent (touch) graphics controller can provide 20 pages and 60 strips status report (7 languages can be selected including Chinese). Low power operation automatically executes during the night and holidays to reach the energy saving and prolong the service life of equipment. Up to 128 networks and a variety of networking monitoring can realize the real-time remote for the air conditioner. Control system with multiple password protection is used to against accidental operation. The system supports the local network, the remote network, building automation system, power and environment monitoring network.


HIMOD network control has two ways. The standard model is used the MICROFACE. Since each system is equipped with MICROFACE, using the HIROBUS control bus can be up to 16 machines together. MICROFACE has the functions as follows:


(1)   溫度和濕度控制。

The temperature and humidity control.

(2)    液晶屏顯示相應參數。

LCD screen displays the corresponding parameters.

(3)    密碼保護,以防止設定參數被更改。

The password protection prevents the change of parameters.

(4) 備用機輪換,由多台機器組成的系統中一般有若幹台是作為備用機。為了防止備份機長期處于等待狀态,HIMOD可以設定輪換時間,到達時間後備份機自動轉為工作狀态,而其他工作機轉為備份狀态,如此循環往複。

The standby machine rotates. The system consisting of multiple machines in general has a plurality as the standby machine. In order to prevent the backup machine in a long waiting state, the HIMOD can set the rotation time. The backup machine works automatically when the time is set, and other working machine turns to backup state as the moving circles.  


This chart is for reference only, the new design of components and structures for the unit will change depending on the actual situation.