公司2005年最新推出全新HIMOD M系列,秉承系列模塊化機房專用空調的全部優點,高精度恒溫控制型彌漫式送風。

M series is launched in 2005. It has all of the advantages of our series modular room air-conditioninghigh precision temperature control type, and diffuse type air flow.


    彌漫式送風型号為S/MX XKA 

Diffuse air flow model – S/MX XKA


Diffuse type air circulation in the computer room


Cold air from air conditioning is out in the floor plane flow. Based on the principle of fluid mechanics, the cold air is distributed in the middle and lower cabinet. The cabinet is formed around the "siege" of cold air, and the hot air rises relying on the "thermal" flow in the room. Computer cabinet at the bottom is sucked the cold air, forced ventilation device of a computer or the cabinet itself complete air circulation, the heated air is discharged by the top of cabinet.




    而對于上送風方式,彌漫式送風方式不需要風管,避免了房間的溫度的不均勻的情況的發生 ,同時可以節能10%-20%,降低空調制冷量需求10%

Diffuse type air circulation in the computer room

Relative to the lower air supply, the diffuse type does not require overhead floor, while the heat load per unit area can be increased by 10%, and reduces the requirement of storey rooms, common room can be room.

The cabinet is surrounded by the cold air relative to the lower air supply, and it provides better cooling effect for the diffuse type.

But for the upper air supply, the diffuse type ventilation does not need wind pipe to avoid the inhomogeneous temperature of the room, and also can save energy up to 10%-20% and reduce air conditioning demand of 10%.



    單位面積熱負荷提高10%,降低機房建築層高要求,節省安裝費用,節省運行費用多種冷卻方式,包括風冷,水冷,乙二醇冷卻,乙二醇自然冷卻,冷凍水,雙冷源等,配合用戶室外的綜合現場條件對冷卻的要求,儲液罐式冷凝器,可保證機組在環境溫度低至-34.4℃都可正常運行,運用了大量環保節能技術,包括采用無環境污染的原材料和機組防腐塗料,大量采用可重複使用的部件,增強機組的可維護性,先進的微處理器具有順序優先啟動功能,使機組部件磨損平均,延長機組使用壽命,雙制冷系統運行,節能且更加可靠,高效低能耗的壓縮機 ,采用模糊邏輯控制絕對溫度控制等先進調控技術,提高控制精度,降低能耗,延長機組使用壽命 ,先進的故障自動報警系統和開機自診斷功能,使診斷處理機組的問題更加快捷。

The advantage of diffuse type

The heat load per unit area was increased by 10%. The diffuse type reduces the height of building, saves the installation cost, and saves multiple cooling mode andoperating costs including air cooling, water cooling, ethylene glycol, ethylene glycol natural cooling, freezing water, double cold source. Cooperate with the general conditions of outside for the requirement of cooling, the liquid storage tank condenser can guarantee the normal operation of the unit achieving the low temperature to -34.4. The use of a large number of environmental protection and energy saving technologies includes the use of raw materials and the anticorrosive paint without environmental pollution, extensive use of reusable components, and enhanced unit maintainability. The advanced microprocessor has the priority of starting function, makes the unit parts wear on average, and prolongs the service life. Dual fluid refrigeration system increases the energy saving and is more reliable, high efficiency and low energy consumption. The compressor is used the "advanced control using fuzzy logic control" and "absolute temperature control" technology to improve the control precision, reducing energy consumption, prolonging the service life, automatic fault alarm system, and booting diagnosis function which makes the diagnostic problems more quickly.

應用的範圍 Application

    * 電信交換機房  網管中心

* Communication room * Network center

    * 衛星控制中心  * IDC數據中心

Satellite control center * IDC data center

    * 動力機房    實驗室

*Power room * Laboratory

    * 培訓中心    标準室

*Training center * Standard room

 * 潔淨室     工業控制中心

* Clean room * Industry control center

精密加工中心  * UPS機房和電池室

* Precision machine center * UPS room and battery room

This chart is for reference only, the new design of components and structures for the unit will change depending on the actual situation.