Traditional home use air-conditioning is designed to make people feel comfortable, and it does not provide high refrigeration capacity and cope with high or low humidity function. It cannot adapt to the environment that the electronic equipment is highly centralized. Common constant temperature and humidity is designed for matching the production technology, and both the accuracy and reliability control cannot reach the environmental requirements of precision electronic equipment.

The latest integrated machine developed by our company is designed for the communication room in cold area. Outdoor cold air goes through the filter directly into the computer room for refrigeration, and at the same time the compressor is not running in order to save the energy. It is an integrated design for the unit, so there is no need for outdoor machine. It can provide high precision, high reliability, high performance, and reliable operation.




Environmental control: communication room, communication base, microwave room, communication station, base station, radio station, transmitting station, relay station, remote sensing receiving station, cold area and etc.



  • Floor-mount, rack-mount and ceiling-mount modules, plus a choice of cooling capacities, cover any application requirements.


  • Pumped refrigerant solutions are ideal for use around electronic equipment. No water into the room.


  • Scalable – add or move fan coils as needed.


  • Energy efficient. Total energy savings potential up to 30% can be achieved with the HIROSS integrated machine solution.


  •  Minimal floor space requirements allow more room for IT equipment.


  • In installation process, the duct uses fast connecting kits, making the installation, upgrading and equipment transfer more convenient and faster.


  • Standard RS485 interface is available, realizing remote monitoring system unit and relevant renovation are also available.


  • High reliability, flexibility, low cost in whole life cycles.


  • When the outdoor temperature reaches a certain range, the compressor can be closed automatically.


  • Outdoor cold air goes through the filter directly into the computer room for refrigeration, and it is an integrated design for the unit, therefore, there is no need for outdoor machine.


Energy-saving data & performance of unit (節能數據和機組性能:

The Engineering Department has created extensive performance and test data, summarized in the charts above and below, across the following categories: energy saving (figure 1), sound performance (figure 2), cooling performance (figure 3), and humidity performance (figure 4). Total energy savings potential up to 30% can be achieved(see figure1).





Summary (總結):

As illustrated in the charts above, units with variable-speed fans are significantly quieter than other cooling units. The cooling unit consistently maintained cooler temperatures inside the test room and was able to cycle on and off with ambient temperatures ranging from 33.5°to 34.5°C (±0.5°C). The cooling unit consistently maintained higher humidity inside the test room with ambient humidity ranging from 30% to 36% (±3%). (See figure 3 and 4)


Test Conditions (測試條件):

1.      The cooling units were tested simultaneously in side-by-side cabinets.

2.      The cabinets were located in an enclosed, climate-controlled test room.

3.      Each cabinet was filled with 208 bottles (73% capacities).

4.      The cooling unit was set to maintain 20°C (19.5°C "off" / +1°C (20.5°C) "on"), and the Brand A was set at 20°C).

1.  測試冷卻機組在環境中同時并排測試。

2.  所有測試機組位于封閉氣候控制的試驗室。

3.  每個冷卻機組裝滿208水(73%容量)。

4.  冷卻機組被設置保持攝氏20(攝氏19.5關閉”/ +攝氏1(攝氏20.5)“開啟),和品牌A被設置在攝氏20)


This chart is for reference only, the new design of components and structures for the unit will change depending on the actual situation.